You’re busy at your job. Time is scarce. You have goals and deadlines to meet. But it’s never just about the work, because you’re responsible for a team of people looking to you for guidance.

You Are A Leader.

Whether you’re a new manager of a small team or you’ve been leading teams of all sizes for the better part of your career, it all comes down to who you are as a leader and if your team is willing to follow you.

You’re already a good leader. Ready to be great?


Empowering Leaders And Teams With Essential Tools For Growth

Let’s Work Together

At Essential Leadership Partners we have the flexibility to work with you in a number of ways: individually in coaching; in groups with a Leadership Circle; or in teams with custom sessions focused on building the team or learning a skill.

Some of Our Clients

  • First 5 LA Coaching
  • WIA Coaching
  • Sony Pictures Coaching
  • Orora Coaching
  • Mondo Coaching
  • Karma Rescue Coaching
  • Coaching
  • JIIB Coaching
  • Blue Star Families Coaching
  • Easter Seal Coaching
  • Chow Now Coaching
  • Walk Disney Studios Coaching

About ELP & Founder Susan Smalley

Essential Leadership Partners is committed to growing leaders for today and tomorrow. For more than 20 years, ELP Founder Susan Smalley has provided invaluable insight and leadership tools to executives at some of the world’s most renowned organizations. She believes everyone has it in them to be a great leader. They just need the right tools to make it happen.